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What type of church is First Baptist Bible Church?
We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible-based, Baptist Church family.


First Baptist Bible Church (FBBC) is a self-governing body of baptized believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not part of any denomination, conference, or hierarchy. However, we do have a “loose knit” fellowship with thousands of independent Baptist churches and missionaries across America and around the world.

The Bible is God’s Holy Word and is the only authority for faith and practice. We hold to a traditional, Christ-honoring form of worship. We also believe in separation from anti-scriptural doctrine and movements such as the ecumenical movement.

We hold to the historic Baptist position and distinctive. We are not Protestants, as church history reveals a perpetuity of New Testament doctrine outside of the church of Rome since the time of Christ.

FBBC is a family of friends. Together, we are discovering God’s greatness and His love. It is a place where imperfect people are finding true joy, genuine friendships, and practical truths from God’s Word.

For more information about who we are and what we believe click here.

What can I expect when I visit First Baptist Bible Church?
We are honored and thrilled to have visitors at our church, and it is our desire that you are warmly welcomed from the moment you step on our property. We will have a greeter at the door waiting to welcome you and give you a church bulletin. An usher should provide you with literature containing more information of the church along with a visitor card that we will ask that you place in the offering plate. If you decide to visit First Baptist Bible Church, you should expect to hear sound teaching and preaching directly from the infallible, inerrant, preserved Word of God.

How can I become a member of First Baptist Bible Church?
If the Lord convicts your heart, and you wish to join the church, or if you don’t have the assurance of eternal life through Christ Jesus, please come forward during our invitation at the end of the service. The Pastor or a Deacon will receive you and tell you how you might have that assurance!

You may come confessing your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Your baptism will follow as soon as possible. You may become a member of this church by letter from another church of like faith. If you have previously been a member of a like faith church, but the letter cannot be obtained, you may join by a statement of faith.