Welcome to our website

Welcome to FirstBaptistBibleChurch.org. If you are in the West Phoenix / Glendale area, we would be honored if you would visit us here at First Baptist Bible Church. Please browse and learn about our church. Thank you.

Did you know God has a special gift for you? If you are not sure that heaven will be your eternal home, you can be assured of that today. Take a moment to read the God’s Love For You page for scriptures about God’s love for you and His free gift of salvation.

Who We Are

We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible-believing, Baptist Church. That means that we are not under the authority of any kind of hierarchy or convention, but are a self-sustaining, self-propagating body of baptized believers to do business for God. We hold to the fundamental truths of the King James Version Bible and it is the sole authority of our doctrine. We believe that God has inspired His Word and has preserved it through the King James Bible. For more information about who we are and what we believe click here.